Service Learning/Student Engagement

Your source for Service Learning and Student Engagement

Service Learning provides the student and faculty member ways to be engaged in providing assistance, information, or a service that is linked to a particular course, program, or organization on campus. The identified service may even be provided on campus to groups of students.

Kentucky Campus Compact logoLearning can occur in many different ways. Over the last several decades, experience and research have shown that performing service can provide valuable learning experiences.

The administration of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System believes that civic engagement is a critical part of any student s education. Not only will students gain valuable skills through a practical application of the knowledge acquired from academia, but they will also develop an understanding of the world that cannot be
learned in any classroom.

What opportunities are offered for for Service Learning and Student Engagement?

  • Faculty may submit information to be shared on this site.
  • Webinars
  • Other topics and dates will be posted
  • KY Campus Compact links will be provided at the KyCC website.
  • The list of all member institutions are listed at this site.
  • Best Practices will also be available
  • Student Learning Centered Committee meetings and activities will be listed at this site.
  • KCTCS International Programs


All webinars will be facilitated on the second Friday of the month at 10:00 Eastern time.