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Health and Human Services Agencies

Sunrise Children’s Services is providing Telehealth services at this time. Their contact number is 270-874-2560. Contact person is Stephanie Brewster, LPCC, Clinical Supervisor/Therapist

Christian Community Outreach is closed to the public. Food orders will continue at this time and they are reporting having an abundance of food right now. Voice mail instructions are: Leave name, phone number and family size and wait for a return phone call for pick up time (curbside pick up and delivery both available)- (270) 860-5592

River Valley Behavioral Health All outpatient services are being done via telephone or telehealth-it is no longer an option to be seen in the clinics.  Also, intakes are being done telephonically, clients do not come into the clinics. Their Henderson office contact number is (270) 826-8314.

Lighthouse Counseling is using Telehealth for both therapy and case management. Their contact number is (270) 826-8761

Wellness Counseling is providing Telehealth services only at this time. Their contact number is (270) 957-5037- Office or cell is (270) 855-9407

All Court Designated Worker CDW’s are working from home, if our clients call the office and leave a voicemail, we are able to check these from home and return calls. All other agencies should have our cell numbers for emergency and we remain on call in rotation 24/7 via law enforcement to serve our youth in custody situations.

CDW Brooke Willett 270-860-3053

CDW Kimberly Coomes 270-869-5324

CDS/FAIRTEAM Clay Embry 270-316-2292.

Children’s Advocacy Center is providing Teleservices at this time. Their contact number is (270) 830-8400.

Stability Counselling is using Telehealth for all services. Their contact number is (270) 854-3132.

New Beginnings Sexual Assault Support Services is offering Telehealth for counseling, as well as a Telehealth option for established clients (18+) to keep therapy sessions. Anyone can give us a call at 270-926-7273 for more information!  

Compass Counseling is providing Telehealth Services only.  Their contact number is (270)-777-4490.

Dr. Silva & Associates are open regular office hours.  They can see clients/patients in person or through Telehealth.  They can also do phone appointments for those without Internet service.  Their contact number is 270-827-5469.

Audubon Area Community Services is still helping clients with utility bills. The office is closed to the public. Someone will be answering phone calls from 8am-3pm. If you receive voicemail leave your name number you will receive a call back. 

Items needed: (1) Proof of income for the entire month of February (2) Social Security Cards for everyone in the family (3) Photo ID’s for everyone over the age of 18 (4) Disconnect or late notice from utility company.  Items can be emailed to or

Rivendell Behavioral Health Hospital is still admitting patients and can do assessments through Zoom.  To use Zoom, (1) Call their admissions department and ask the intake worker for a Zoom Assessment.  They will take all of the referral information and call you back within 15 minutes with your meeting ID number (2) Download the Zoom app (3) Open Zoom app and click “join Meeting” enter your ID number and tap “Join.  For more information, contact Michelle Hartis, RN (270)792-5017 or Rivendell (270)843-1199

Cumberland Hall Hospital is still open. Everyone (including our employees) will be screened daily before being allowed any access whatsoever inside of the hospital. Anyone that is symptomatic of COVID-19 will not be admitted or allowed access inside of the hospital for any reason (also including employees). In response to the recent outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), all in-person visitation has been suspended (with limited critical exceptions). We strongly encourage the use of electronic methods to stay connected with loved ones including telemedicine, Zoom, and extended phone time. feel free to call/text/email me-and I will do my very best to assist.  For questions, please contact Marlon Brown at (270) 305-4698.

Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health Hospital is open and they do have adolescent female beds available.  Here are precautions under the state guidelines they we have implemented back in March:

No visitors at this time 2. Each patient will have a private room 3. Each employee, vendors and patients are screened every day for the covid-19 virus. 4. Meals are now being eaten on their unit.

If you or any of your connections have a question, referral, concern please feel free to text or call Kristi Whittaker at (270) 234-7198.

Spectrum is offering free internet services to students and families for a period of 2 months.  The number to call is 1-844-488-8395, tell guardians when they call to que the NEW SERVICES prompt and also let them know they will have a longer than usual wait time. 

1. You are not eligible for services if you have a past debt with them unless it is paid in full first.
2. If you have no past debt then you can get 100Mbps service for 2 months. You will still get the bill, but on the bill it will show that it is free, so it will show what they charged and show that they removed it.
3. Installation is also waived
4. After the 2 months is up you will start to get a regular bill unless you call and cancel services.
5. If you have had internet service through Spectrum in the past 30 days and have canceled you are not eligible.
6. You do not have to have a credit card or payment on file with them, they will bill you after the 2 months is up.

They do have a low income option for families, but it is a lower speed (I think he said 30) so you would be better off signing up for the free services and then calling at the end of your 2 months and doing everything for the low-income program at that time.

CLiK/Growing Minds Learning Center is offering telehealth on behavior supports, mental health, and ABA supervision services through Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Their clinic is still open for ABA services and behavior supports as well since we fall under medically necessary services.  You can contact CLiK/Growing minds at (270) 827-4652.

Narcotics Anonymous groups for the Henderson/Evansville Area have set up & are hosting Zoom mtgs. There is one every day at noon, 7pm & sometimes up to 3 a day. As more are added, they will be added to the web page. You can always find an up to date list at

Alcoholics Anonymous online meeting links:

Henderson County High School Youth Services Center is doing business as usual (As much as they can). You can contact them at 270-831-8867.

Rhonda Goetz with Humana wants everyone to know that ALL Medicaid Co-Pays have been waived at this time.  For any Medicaid related questions at this time, you can reach out to Rhonda at 270-316-5846 or you can email her at   Rhonda indicated that she may not know the answer, but will do her best to find it. Humana also has a Basic Needs Team that can help provide two weeks of nutritionally sounds meals to Humana members who are food insecure.

Check out the Mental Health Matters in Henderson County Schools page on Facebook

Check out the Niagara Elementary Wildcat Counseling page on Facebook

Jordan Fulkerson is the Guidance Counselor at Niagara and can be contacted at 812 266 0348

Henderson County School’s Mental Health Counselors want to make sure that students and parents have the ability to get a hold of them beyond just email, so here are the contact numbers for the Mental Health Counselors. They are available from 9-2 each workday to take phone calls and set up phone meetings and/or Google Meet sessions.

Misty Shaw, MHC at HCHS (860) 375-0535
Amy Bassett, MHC at NMS (502) 276-5076
Zachary Capps, MHC at SMS (812) 518-0176
Amber Williams, MHC at BGT and Cairo (270) 577-8334
Kelly Palmer, MHC at SPTS and JEFF (812) 783-0557
Elyse Dowdy, MHC at EHS and ABC (270) 883-1088
Yvonne Hall, MHC at NIA and SHS (502) 627-0179
Jamie Like, Project AWARE Director (270) 823-3465

We also have a Facebook page, Mental Health Matters in Henderson County Schools that we regularly update with a number of links and resources for families and students.

Staff from the Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana are working remotely from home during the current health crisis. But we are available to anyone affected by epilepsy through emails and phone calls. Please let anyone who might be interested know that they can contact us at their convenience if they need assistance or support. Contact David Pettit, Western Kentucky Education Coordinator at or (270)316-3945.

The Sandefur Center is closed to the public but is hosting virtual classes via Zoom.  Information and a link to connect can be found at Julie D. Wischer, Executive Director, (270) 827-2401

The staff in Greater Kentucky and Southern Indiana Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association are working remotely.  Meetings, events and participation both in internal and external activities will be rescheduled, conducted online or by phone whenever possible. Please check for details on meetings and events. During this time, the Alzheimer’s Association is available to you 24/7 for around-the-clock care and support 1.800.272.3900

Check out the great resource from the United Way of Henderson County. 211 allows people to search for resources like food, shelter, emergency assistance and housing in their communities.

*update as of 5/8/2020