Start Center Satisfaction Survey | HCC


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Start Center Satisfaction Survey

My first registration term is:

Please answer the following questions as they relate to your Start Center orientation experience.

I understand how to select courses from the course schedule.
I understand the basic differences between a technical and transfer degree.
I am aware of the different academic programs, support services, and transfer partners at HCC.
I know how to define a credit hour.
I understand the difference between full- and part-time status.
I understand the difference between a grant and a loan.
I know how to locate basic information using the PeopleSoft Student Service Center.
I know how to access Student Self-Service, student email, and Blackboard on HCC's website.
I understand the three requirements to remain in Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
This orientation has prepared me to be successful in my first semester at HCC.

Please answer the following questions regarding your Start Center experience:

My START Center advisor explained the admissions process in clear and easy to understand terms.
My START Center advisor was knowledgeable about college policies, procedures, and academic programs.
My START Center advisor was able to clearly communicate the college policies, procedures, and academic programs to me.
My START Center advisor was professional and friendly.
I would rate my satisfaction with the advising and registration experience completed through the Start Center as:
Please choose all services you used at the START Center:

Please rate on a scale from 1 - 5 how beneficial each item below was in helping you determine HCC was the right choice for you: (1 being "Most Beneficial" and 5 being "Least Beneficial")

I received letters/postcards from the school
I met a recruiter at a high school/high school event (ball game, class visit, career fair)
I visited HCC with my senior class
A high school counselor told me about HCC
My parents helped me decide
Word of mouth from family/friends
TV or Radio Ads
Billboards/Print Ads
Other (please explain below)

Please rate on a scale from 1 - 5 each of the factors below that helped determine HCC as your school of choice. (1 being "Helped me determine and 5 being "Did Not Help Determine)

HCC has the program I am interested in pursuing
HCC has transfer degrees and a strong transfer program
HCC has low tuition rates
HCC is close to home
HCC has many student activities from which to choose
Small campus/small class sizes
I knew I would receive more personal attention
I received financial aid and/or a scholarship
What social media do you use most (or what social media do you prefer for college information)? Check all that apply: