Fall 2021 Registration | HCC

Fall 2021 Registration

Current students can get enrolled by scheduling an advising appointment with a divisional advisor. 

Incoming students should contact 270-827-6158 for assistance with scheduling an advising appointment. 

Signup for Advising Appointment

You can sign up for an advising appointment by clicking on the advising hyperlink listed by your academic advisor. Additionally, you can email your advisor or contact their division assistant if you need assistance. 

Allied Health  
Health Science Technology, Medical Assisting, Medical Lab Technology Nursing, and Pre-Nursing students who were enrolled in Spring 2021 can schedule an advising appointment with Ms. Chardae Kelly or Ms. Kimberly McGovern. For general assistance, please contact Ms. Dana Walker (Allied Health Division Assistant) at 270-831-9740. 
Chardae Kelly 

Students can schedule their appointment online at:


Kimberly McGovern 

Students can schedule their appointment online at:


Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (LAPS)
Associate in Arts students can schedule advising appointments with Dr. Tony Strawn during the month of June. IECE students can contact Dr. Bridget Murray and education students can contact Mr. Adam Blair. For general assistance, please contact Ms. Cheryl McKendree (Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Division Assistant) at 270-831-9684. 
Dr. Tony Strawn    Dr. Strawn is available to assist students on June 4th, 7th, 8th (limited), 9th, 28th, and 29th.  Students needing advising assistance should email Dr. Strawn directly at tony.strawn@kctcs.edu to schedule an appointment.
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics 

Industrial Maintenance Technolog, and Associate in Science students can schedule advising appointments with Mr. Fred Farber. 

Agriculture, Business Administration, Computer Information Technology students should contact Ms. Stacey Williams (STEM Division Assistant) at 270-831-9714.

Fred Farber  

Students can schedule their appointment online at: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d4caca828a3fcc34-summer

Michael Knecht  For assistance please call, 270-831-9761. 


Don’t Know Who Your Advisor Is?  

No problem. Call us at 270-827-6158 and HCC’s admissions team will help you get signed up for an advising appointment.

Where can I find HCC’s fall schedule? 

How can I plan out my schedule? 

Choosing which classes to take this semester can be tough, but we can help with the Visual Schedule Builder. The Visual Schedule Builder lets you test out multiple class schedules based on the courses you want to take, look at different calendars and find the schedule that best fits you. 

When are the session dates?  

These calendars correspond to HCC’s session. If you take a class at another KCTCS, then the schedule may vary.  

I have a hold on my account. What do I do?  

Please call Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs at 270-827-6158. A staff member will help explain the holds on your account.  

I need help completing my FAFSA.  

Call 270-831-9783 or email Pam Buchanan to schedule an appointment time with a trained staff member.