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Graduation Response Information

Please type your name in the box below. This is how it will appear on your credential(s), in the graduation program, and how it will be announced at graduation.

* Was the credential(s) listed on your yellow postcard correct?

If the credential(s) listed on the yellow postcard you received was INCORRECT please call 270/831-9716 to inform of corrections that need to be made.

* Are you walking at the graduation ceremony?

During graduation your name and credential(s) will be announced. Additionally, HCC would like to share an individual message such as what college/university you will be attending, if you have recently accepted a new job, or what your favorite experience at HCC was. This is your opportunity for family and friends to hear about your accomplishments (current or future).

If you answered YES and ARE WALKING AT GRADUATION please fill in one of the boxes below.

If you answered NO and are NOT walking at graduation please put an N/A in the box below to confirm you are not walking.

Type college/university name or N/A if not applicable
Type position name or N/A if not applicable
Type employment name or N/A if not applicable
Type organization/club name or N/A if not applicable

If none of the above boxes pertain to you please contact Tammie Zuber, Assistant Registrar, at or 270-831-9716.