What is the job market like for MLTs?

The nationwide job market is excellent with students being able to often secure jobs before graduating from the program. If you wish to remain in the local area, the job market is also good with many techs currently retiring from long hospital careers as MLTs.

What is the current starting pay for MLTs locally?

Starting pay is dependent upon many factors such as the shift you are hired to work and your overall level of responsibility. In general it is between $16 and $18 with very good benefits.

What is the HCC MLT program pass rate on the national registry exam?

The graduate pass rate on the MLT(ASCP) exam is 93%.

What are some of the things that could keep me from being able to become a Medical Laboratory Technician?

  • If you have a felony conviction of any kind.
  • If you are blind.
  • If you cannot use your hands to perform laboratory work.

Will my courses apply to a 4-year degree?

Yes, there are 4-year degree programs that accept the MLT classes. There are on-line B.S. degrees available as well as on-campus B.S. degrees available.

Can I do the second year of the program on a part-time basis?

No. Students are expected to take all of the required second year classes as full-time students.