Clinical Experience Courses Requirements

Specific criteria are required for students performing any clinical experience class such as PHB 152, MLT 278, and MLT 279 as follows:
  • Complete Technical Standards form. (Essential functions)
  • Signed MLT advisory conference form.
  • Health exam to include verification of MMR, Tuberculin skin test, up to date tetanus, and drug screen, proof of chicken pox or varicella vaccination.
  • Color-blindness test done on campus.
  • Hepatitis B vaccinations or signed waiver of declination.
  • Criminal background check.
  • Proof of Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance is required.
This must be purchased through KCTCS. The cost per semester is added as a course fee for specific MLT classes. Cost may vary from year to year, and generally is between $11.00 - $20.00.

A positive drug screen will require a letter from the student s physician on letterhead documenting the required use of the drug. Any other positive result is unacceptable for admission.

A felony class conviction on the student s background check is unacceptable for admission.

For students who wish to get advanced credit through the Credit for Experience mechanism for PHB 151 and PHB 152:

For students who wish to get advanced credit through the Credit for External Experiences mechanism, you can complete the KCTCS Portfolio Development Student Handbook and submit it through the registrar s/admissions office or gain credit for the course by completing an approved challenge exam. In the MLT program, this is the final exam that is routinely given by the instructor in the class and a 70% pass rate is required. The instructor must ensure that the final exam covers the cognitive competencies as appropriate for the course. Instructors may require other proof of psychomotor and affective competencies necessary to meet the course objectives.