Admission Requirements

As of Fall 2015, admission to the MLT program at HCC will be based on a selective enrollment process. Admission to the college and the MLT program is based on the following requirements. In addition, detailed general admission guidelines are available in the online KCTCS catalog and on the HCC website at
  • Submit a completed application to the college.
  • Submit a completed MLT Program Application
  • Submit high school or GED transcripts.
  • Submit ACT or equivalent scores.
  • Submit transcripts of all post-secondary education.
  • Attend one of the required Pre-Admission Conferences with the MLT Program Coordinator.
  • Meet the requirements as set forth in the MLT Program Application form.

Program specific selection criteria are as follows:

Selection will be based on a point system dependent upon the KCTCS Rules of the Senate, which will be distributed by the program coordinator to all students seeking enrollment at one of the required pre-admission conferences. Dates are listed below. A student needs to attend only one of the pre-admission conference sessions.