Business Administration

About the Program

With a degree in Business Administration from Henderson Community College, you will have a solid foundation to succeed in many business careers. The program is designed for acquiring skills for entry-level business administrations positions and for those currently employed in the field to enhance their skills.

What are my career choices?

Business administrators are needed in every field from accounting to Human Resources. With a degree in Business Administration, your career options are virtually limitless.

  • by choosing the Accounting option within the program, your career options range from working in bookkeeping or payroll
  • the Management option prepares the student with broad-based management knowledge and skills that lead to a variety of positions in organizations.
  • the Human Resource Management option prepares students for entry-level positions in the human resource field and related occupations.
  • the Office Systems option prepares the student with a broad base of knowledge and skills needed for a variety of positions in an office.

How much will I earn?

Learn more about salaries in this area of study at

Program Options

Associate in Applied Science

  • Accounting Track
  • Human Resources Management Track
  • Management Track
  • Office Systems Track

To see a complete course listing for each credential use the KCTCS Online Course Catalog.


What will I study?

A core of courses provides a foundation of general and business knowledge.

Areas of general study include:

  • writing
  • communications
  • computers
  • science
  • math

Areas of business study include:

  • accounting
  • management
  • marketing
  • business law
  • quality systems


How Long Will I Be in School?

  • Application for Certificate, Diploma, or Degree -- (PDF WORD)
  • Accounting Degree 2017--Current Curriculum (XLS)
  • Human Resources 2017--Current Curriculum (XLS)
  • Management Degree 2017--Current Curriculum (XLS)
  • Office Systems 2017--Current Curriculum (XLS)
  • Certificate I 2017--Current Curriculum (XLS)
  • Certificate II 2017--Current Curriculum (XLS)
  • Certificate III 2017--Current Curriculum (XLS)
  • Certificate IV 2017--Current Curriculum (XLS)

What are the admission requirements?

There are no special admission requirements for this program. Please consult Henderson Community College's college admission requirements for information for how to enroll in the college

How can I further my education?

Students seeking a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration may choose to begin their education by earning Associate of Arts at Henderson Community College before transferring to the university of their choice. Henderson Community College has business transfer agreements with Murray State University and the University of Evansville.

For more information contact:

Photo of Barry Phelps Barry Phelps
Program Coordinator
Arts & Sciences Building, Room 222