Student Technology FAQs

Printing Policy

At the beginning of the semester, each student receives $5.00 in a personal printing account for paper. Each month during the semester another $1.25 is added. There is no charge to the student for this printing allowance. Accounting software tallies a students printing usage. Students pay $.05 cents per black & white page printed and $.50 cents per color page printed. All printing balances are cleared out at the end of the College school year. So after Summer Session is complete the balance on your account will be made .00 and prior to the start of Fall Session - $5.00 will be added.

The following printing restrictions apply to all printing in labs:

  • You may not print documents that are more than 30 pages long.
  • You may not print more than 2 copies of a document.
  • You may not print the same document twice within a 30 second timeframe.

Students may add additional funds to their printing allowance by coming to the Help Desk in AS202 or in the Business Office in AD110. Henderson Community College provides computer technology, including Internet access, for educational purposes and to facilitate other activities necessary for the efficient operation of the institution. The college intends that this technology will be used in a manner which:

  • Is conducive to learning;
  • Is free of illegal acts;
  • Shows respect for the rights and dignity of others.

Acceptable Use

The intent of this policy is to define broad categories of use that are not acceptable, not to provide an exhaustive list of inappropriate or unacceptable uses. Based on the guidelines in this policy, Henderson Community College officials may at any time make determinations that specific uses are or are not appropriate or acceptable. It is not acceptable to use the college's computer equipment or facilities:

  • For any illegal purpose or act;
  • To transmit harassing, indecent, obscene, discriminatory, or fraudulent materials or messages;
  • To transmit or receive any materials in violation of either state or federal laws (e.g., copyright laws);
  • To send fraudulent or forged email messages using the account of another person;
  • To use the account or password assigned to another person to gain access to college equipment, college files, or the college network;
  • To damage, destroy, interfere with, or disrupt the operation of, college owned and operated programs and equipment;
  • For any commercial pursuits or activities;
  • To access another user's files without permission;
  • To access files by using false usernames, accounts, or passwords;
  • To remove any college hardware, software, or data without permission;
  • To copy or attempt to copy any software or data without authorization;
  • To load, download or upload any software or files without authorization;
  • To distribute unauthorized software;
  • To modify system configurations or hardware without authorization;
  • To disrupt or attempt to disrupt system operations;
  • To participate in unauthorized and time-consuming game-playing;
  • To harass another user or violate another user's rights;
  • To access pornography or other offensive or inappropriate material;
  • To use college computer systems and/or software for personal work;
  • To use college computer systems, Internet access, and/or software for any illegal activity.

General Policies

  • The use of food, drink, and tobacco products is not allowed in the computer labs.
  • The user should be aware that Henderson computing resources, including software such as electronic mail, are not necessarily secure or private.
  • Computers are for ACADEMIC use only. Game playing is not allowed in the computer labs. Any student using the computers for NON-ACADEMIC applications may be asked to log out.
  • All users must have a user id and password to log into the campus computer system.
  • Computer accounts and passwords are assigned to individual users and should not be shared with others.
  • Students who do not LOG OFF a computer will risk losing their files or print allotments.
  • Personal files left on will be deleted. Student work is to be saved to diskettes or USB key.
  • Students are not to download files (e.g., chat clients or IRC programs, pictures, graphics) from the Internet to computer hard drives.
  • Students are not to change any settings on the computers in the computer labs. This includes colors, screen savers, screen resolution, and icon arrangements.
  • Computers are made available on a first-come, first-served basis. In the case of computers with special hardware and software, users not requiring these items can be asked to move to a different computer if someone needs to use the items.
  • Use of computers is limited to two hours. Users working for more than two hours can be asked to relinquish their computer to users who are waiting. Any computer left unattended for more that fifteen minutes will be considered available.
  • HCC Technology Solutions is not responsible for personal items left unattended.
  • Lost USB's are held for two weeks. Users who have lost a USB should come to the Help Desk in AS202. After two weeks, lost USB's become the property of HCC Technology Solutions.
  • Be considerate of others by keeping noise and other disruptions to a minimum. Disruptive persons will be asked to leave.
  • Headphones must be used at all times when listening to any form of audio materials. Students are responsible to provide for providing their own headphones.

The use of Henderson Community College computer technology is a privilege extended to all users, including faculty, staff, administrators, and students. Inappropriate or unacceptable use of this technology may result in loss of this privilege. College agents
may monitor information on the college computer network or on individual computers or computer systems. Complaints of possible inappropriate or unacceptable use will be investigated. Complaints regarding violations of acceptable use policy should be addressed to the Director of Information Technology (DIT). In investigating such complaints, the DIS will consult with appropriate college officials. The DIT will then inform the complainant of the results of the investigation and explain what action, if any, was taken following the investigation of a complaint.


In resolving complaints of unacceptable use, the college may invoke sanctions against the offender that range from verbal warnings to expulsion or dismissal, depending on the circumstances of each incident. If faculty, computer systems administrators, or administrative staff, in the performance of their duties, discover, in their opinion, a flagrant violation of acceptable use policy, those persons have authority to immediately suspend the computing privileges of the offender pending a formal investigation by the DIT. The results of this investigation will be turned over to the Dean of Student Affairs for further action, if appropriate.


Individuals who believe they have been treated unfairly may appeal through the appropriate appeals procedure set forth in college policy.

Indemnification Declaration

Henderson Community College makes absolutely no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, for the services it provides. The college will not be responsible for any damages suffered by users. This includes, but is not limited to, any loss of data that results from delays, non-deliveries, mis-deliveries, or service interruptions caused by either its own negligence or by user errors and/or omissions. Any and all use of any of the information obtained via the Internet is at the user's own risk. Henderson Community College specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy and/or quality of any information obtained through its Internet services.

The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Henderson Community College, the college board of trustees, individual trustees, agents, and employees of the college from and against any claim, lawsuit, cause of action, damage judgment, loss, expense, or liability resulting from any claim, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising out of or related to the use of the college's hardware, software, and network facilities. This indemnity shall include, without limitation, those claims based on trademark or service mark infringement, trade name infringement, copyright infringement, defamation, unlawful discrimination or harassment, rights of publicity, and invasion of privacy.

Notice Regarding Copyright

The software provided by HCC Computing Services has been purchased under educational licensing agreements. Any use of HCC Computing Services software beyond the limitations set forth as in these educational licensing agreements is prohibited. All software is copyrighted. Copying any software, other than freeware or shareware, is prohibited within the Student Computing Services labs.

HCC Student ID Card

Students may get an HCC ID Card made in the office of Janet Burch ST239 Student Services.

The first ID card is free, however, if it is lost and needs replaced; there is a $5.00 charge. Payments of cash or check will be accepted.

Office hours are Monday - Friday  8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Students must know their student ID number to get a card made.
New students will need to wait until the second week of classes of their first semester to get a card made.
Cards can be used at the HCC Bookstore and as identification on campus.
Cards are dated for a fall-to-fall school year, once it has expired, a sticker for the current school year may be picked up at the Admissions Office in the Sullivan Technology Center. There is no charge for the sticker.

Other FAQs


Can I add paper to my printing account?

Yes, there is a charge of 5 cents per black and white sheet or 50 cents per color. Your deposit can be made in LB203 at the Help Desk or the Welcome Center in the AD building.

Can I set up my Apple or Android device to receive college e-mail?

The instructions below provide general guidance for both iPhone and Android. Keep in mind that the instructions are not version specific, so depending on which version of mobile device you use, some options may vary.

General iPhone Configuration

  1. From Settings, select Mail Contacts Calendar
  2. Select Add Account
  3. Select Microsoft Exchange as the account type
  4. Enter your email address, Username, & Password using your full email address in the username field. Leave the domain field blank.
  5. If prompted that settings could not be determined, click Continue
  6. If asked for server name,
  7. Save the configuration
    NOTE: If you elect to sync Contacts, it is recommended that you also select "Keep on my iPhone" to avoid contact deletion.

General Android Configuration

  1. Navigate to Account Settings, and select Add Account
  2. Choose Microsoft Exchange Activesync or "Corporate"
  3. Enter your email address and password and select Manual Setup
  4. If prompted to accept the Activation Agreement, select Yes
  5. In the Domain\Username field, enter your full email address
  6. Enter your password in the Password field.
  7. Enter in the Server field
  8. Select the "Use Secure Connection" checkbox
  9. If prompted that " must be able to remotely control security features", select Yes
  10. Set any account options required
  11. Name your account
  12. If prompted to "Update Security Settings", click Activate

Can you help me with problems on my personal laptop?

No, we are not allowed to unless it is a quick fix related directly to an HCC class issue.

Can I purchase Office for my personal computer?

All KCTCS students who are currently enrolled in a course are eligible to install the full version of Office 365 Pro Plus on up to 5 devices for free. This includes PC, Mac, Apple tablets and phones, and Android tablets and phones. The software will continue to work as long as you are enrolled in at least one class at a KCTCS college. 

Install Office on your PC or Mac

  1. Sign into your KCTCS student email (
  2. Click the gear icon beside your name at the top right, then choose Office 365 Settings
  3. Click the Software link
  4. Under the Office heading, click Install
  5. When prompted to save or run the application, choose Run
  6. Follow the on screen prompts to install Office
  7. After Office is installed, if prompted to log in, use your KCTCS email address and password

Install Office on your Apple or Android device

  1. Download the Office Mobile app from the app store
  2. Open the app and sign in with your KCTCS student email and password

How can I change my password?

Go to Henderson Community College web page
Click on USER ACCOUNT CENTER link at top right.
On the new page, click on SETUP USER PROFILE link.
On new page, enter birth date, student id number and social security number. That is all you need to enter.
First time through this process, student will be asked to :
Create a verification question and answer. This will be used in the future to verify the student's identity.
The student will see a message that their user name is available.
After first time through this process, student will be asked to :
Answer verification question.
Create a new password with at least 8 characters with a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. Using their name or previous password is not allowable.
Click SET PASSWORD. Student should see message that password had been reset or failed.


How do I check the balance on my HCC paper account?

Move the mouse on the computer you are logged into over the Print Manager icon in the tool tray. The icon looks like a printer with a green arrow. This will give you the amount you currently have in your account.

How do I sign up for classes?

Log onto HCC website, log into People Soft link at lower right hand corner of page and follow these steps:
a. Click on Add Class link (you may need to choose a semester)
b. Enter class code into box
c. Click Add to add more classes.
d. When finished with class list, click Proceed to step 2 to review you class selections and status.
e. When you are satisfied your class selections are correct, click Proceed to step 3.
f. Once you have done the final review, click Finished.
g. You class schedule is now available to view and print.

How do I sign up or drop a class?

See your advisor or the admissions office.

I am a student worker and I need to change my password, can you help?

You will need to come to LB203 with a picture ID to get your password reset.

I tried to print a doc 3 times, it will not let me.

There is a 2 copy per document limit.

I tried to print a large doc and it will not print.

There is a 30 page limit.

I was taking a BB test and it froze up. What can I do?

Contact your instructor and BB Help Desk.

Is there a color printer I can use?

Yes, in AS228 and LB100.

What is my Student ID number?

This is a 9 digit number assigned by KCTCS when you enroll. If you do not know this number, it can be found on your schedule, your bill or you student ID card. If you do not know your identification number you will have to go to the admissions office, with a picture ID, to get this information. Admissions is the only office authorized to give students this information. The Help Desk does not have access to this information.

Why can't I get a link in BB to open on my home computer?

You may need to add that site as an allowable site in your Internet security settings, you may need to use Mozilla instead of Internet Explorer, there could be an error in the set up process from the instructor check with him\her, or you may need to call Bb Help Desk for help.

Why can't I get into my HCC email?

Your password may need to be reset. Possible problems at home are an Internet security setting on your computer may need changing to allow that page, your pop up blocker may need to be changed, or your Internet connection may not be not working.

Why can't I print?

You may be out of allocated money in your HCC printing account. Move the mouse on the computer you are logged into over the Paper Cut icon in the tool tray. The icon looks like a green diamond. This will give you the amount you currently have in your account. If you have money in your account: Check the printing rules posted in the lab or there could be an issue with the printer.