Faculty and Staff Technology FAQs


I need admin rights to update or add new software. Can you help me?

Call the Help Desk and we will assist you with this.

What's the Home Use Program (HUP) for Employees?

HCC faculty and staff are eligible to purchase Microsoft Office 2016 at a greatly reduced price. You can find out more about it at the Home Use Program website. If you decide to purchase a copy, contact the Technology Solutions Help Desk for the program code.

Can I set up my Apple or Android device to receive college e-mail?

The instructions below provide general guidance for both iPhone and Android. Keep in mind that the instructions are not version specific, so depending on which version of mobile device you use, some options may vary.

NOTE: All KCTCS owned devices should be password, or PIN protected. In addition, any personal device that is configured to receive mail from KCTCS.edu may be required to set an unlock PIN. It is the responsibility of all Faculty, Staff, and Students to responsibly maintain confidential information in asecure manner regardless of method of access.

General iPhone Configuration

  1. From Settings, select Mail Contacts Calendar
  2. Select Add Account
  3. Select Microsoft Exchange as the account type
  4. Enter your email address, Username, & Password using your full email address in the username field. Leave the domain field blank.
  5. If prompted that settings could not be determined, click Continue
  6. If asked for server name, enteroutlook.office365.com
  7. Save the configuration
    NOTE: If you elect to sync Contacts, it is recommended that you also select "Keep on my iPhone" to avoid contact deletion.

For more information see the Microsoft Quick Start Guide.Users with iPhones and iPads can also use OWA (Outlook Web App). For more information, check out Set Up Email on OWA.

General Android Configuration

  1. Navigate to Account Settings, and select Add Account
  2. Choose Microsoft Exchange Activesync or "Corporate"
  3. Enter your email address and password and select Manual Setup
  4. If prompted to accept the Activation Agreement, select Yes
  5. In the Domain\Username field, enter your full email address
  6. Enter your password in the Password field.
  7. Enter outlook.office365.com in the Server field
  8. Select the "Use Secure Connection" checkbox
  9. If prompted that "Outlook.com must be able to remotely control security features", select Yes
  10. Set any account options required
  11. Name your account
  12. If prompted to "Update Security Settings", click Activate

For more information see the Microsoft Quick Start Guide.

Can you help me change my password, I let it expire?

Yes, but not over the phone. Please come by or call the Help Desk for more information.

Can you help me with BB (Blackboard)?

Jon Reidford, our Distance Learning Coordinator, will be glad to assist you. He can be contacted at 270-831-9829.

How do I copy to the hard drive or flash drive from the server?

a. On your flash drive or hard drive create a new folder and leave the folder open,
b. Find the file or folder needed, right click it, choose cut,
c. Go to hard drive or flash drive, right click in the white area and choose paste.

How do I reduce My Documents file size?

a. You need to delete old files that are no longer needed,
b. Copy files from My Docs to a flash drive or cd remember to keep backups.
c. Delete the files you moved from your My Documents folder.
d. Now empty your recycle bin and your file size will be reduced.

How do I set up a projector with a laptop?

a. With the power off on both, attach the cables from the projector to the laptop,
b. Turn the projector on, turn the laptop on, and the image should show on screen.

I need new software in a classroom.

The best scenario is to get the software to Technology Solutions prior to the new semester for it to be added to the image we use in the labs. If this is not possible, bring the new software to the Help Desk in LB203. TS will check for compatibility and license agreement then it will be installed as quickly as possible.

The Smart Board doesn t work right.

It may need to be oriented. There is a manual in each smart room that offers assistance for all uses of the equipment in the rooms.

Where did my file go?

You may have lost your network connection, you are looking in the wrong folder or drive, did you remember to save it correctly, or you may not have allowed the sync process to complete when you logged off.

Why aren't the classroom computers connecting to the network?

The first question to this would be is this problem regarding a single computer or all computers in the lab? If it is the entire classroom, the networking equipment is experiencing a problem in that room call the Help Desk immediately (19616). If it is a single computer, try restarting the computer and logging in again. If it still does not connect call the Help Desk.

Why can't I print more than 30 sheets at a time on a lab printer?

You are set up with the same restrictions as students on lab or classroom printers.

Why doesn't my document print to an office printer?

You may not be selecting the correct printer from your options list in the print commands box, you may have lost your network connection, the printer may be out of toner or paper, or there is a network issue with the printer.

Why won't the sound work in a classroom?

The tuner settings may need turned on or adjusted or the computer sound may be muted. There is a manual in each smart room that offers assistance for all uses of the equipment in the rooms.