HCC Lean Committee

The Lean Enterprise Committee exists to provide continuous improvement of service to students, faculty, and staff by examining and refining college processes with the end purpose of eliminating wasteful practices. The Lean Committee operates under the REFINE framework:

  • REnew the classroom by creating Lean learning environments
  • FInd improvements to be made to Student Services
  • Nullify wasteful practices in general institutional processes
  • Examine results of prior and ongoing projects

In 2015-16, the Lean Committee undertook an ongoing project to raise awareness of energy conservation in order to conserve budget funds. The campaign consisted of contests to engage faculty, staff, and students, creation of a dashboard, and the formulation of a set of recommendations for saving money at the college.

A set of recommendations was developed throughout the fall term and brought to the Leadership Team for consideration. Among the most appealing of the recommendations was "Frosty Fridays," in which the heat was diminished on Fridays to save money on gas and electric. These events were held in January and February.

Also in the fall semester, two contests were held, which challenged the students and employees to submit their best energy-saving tip, as well as a contest slogan to name the initiative. Malinda Hudson, Senior Assistant to the President, submitted the winning slogan, which is "Watch Your Watts." Joseph Heerdink, IT Manager, submitted the best tip, which was to hold a Pledge Day so that campus stakeholders could sign a pledge to become better stewards of HCC's resources. Signage was used to generate interest in the contests.

In the spring term, work focused around the development of a contest for a Watch Your Watts logo. Students and employees were challenged to put their art skills to the test in developing a logo for the initiative. Kelly Estes, a student, won the contest. On April 20, the campus came together for Pledge Day. 150 students, faculty, and staff signed the pledge, which was accompanied by the unveiling of Ms. Estes' logo. The event was used to continue to raise awareness regarding resource conservation.

The dashboard for Watch Your Watts is below. It is updated on a monthly basis.