Career Decision & Action Steps | HCC

Career Decision & Action Steps

Gain information about yourself, careers of interest and be one step closer to making an informed decision. 

Step 1.  Complete the Focus 2 Career Assessment to identify your career interests.  Select “Register” (below the login info) to create a new account.  The Access code is The Hill.  Complete the information and select "Fall 2018” as your status.

Step 2.  Note the top 2 or 3 careers that most interest you and why. Begin researching careers in Focus 2 Assessment and these HCC Career Services resources.  Discuss your Focus 2 results with HCC Career Services staff, advisor, friends and family.

Step 3. Check the job outlook in the area you plan to live -Kentucky Future Skills Report 2017-2021 and CareerOneStop.

Step 4. Review your career ideas with your academic advisor. Discuss the academic majors and the educational requirements (certificate, diploma, degree) related to your career interests.  If a four-year degree or more is required, discuss options with the HCC Transfer Center Coordinator, Lorie Maltby.  

Step 5. Research job posting descriptions.  Even if you’re not currently looking for a job, you’ll better understand the local job market and you’ll learn the specific responsibilities of the career and be better prepared to develop a targeted resume.  Set up email alerts on

Step 6.   It’s vitally important that you get as much exposure to your profession of interest as possible.  Your goal should be to learn what the career is truly like on a daily basis.

Step 7.   Create or update your resume.  Review HCC’s step-by-step resume guide and samplesSchedule a time to practice interview.  CareerOneStop is a comprehensive resource for job search.  

Step 8Build your professional network. Join a club on-campus, a professional organization (as a student member) or a community organization that supports your career interests.

Step 9.  Each day ask yourself…. What am I doing today that will get me where I want to be tomorrow.