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Seating Information

What type of seating is available in the HFAC?

McCormick Hall is named in honor of Pat and Heather McCormick for their outstanding contributions to theplaque with a man and woman on it performing arts.

The 981-seat venue has 742 seats on the main floor divided into the front and rear orchestra and 233 seats in the balcony. The seating is stadium or tiered seating--each row is one row or step above the next for optimal viewing of the stage.

  • There are 6 wheelchair accessible seats in the front orchestra section by door 4.
  • There are no center aisles in the performance hall and no walk-through between rows L & M.
  • The overhang for the balcony begins at Row U.
  • There are 21 rows--A to W (but no row I or O) on the main floor.
  • There are 6 rows in the balcony--AA to FF.
  • The balcony has 3 flights of steps--12 each and there is no elevator or bathroom on the balcony level.