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HCC Dental Clinic

What do I need to know as a patient?

Services Performed in the Dental Hygiene Clinic

The services will be performed by a dental hygiene student under the supervision of licensed dentists and dental hygiene faculty. Services performed are limited to preventive treatment and are not intended to take the place of regular dental visits. Preventive treatment provided includes:

  • Oral Examinations
  • Oral Prophylaxis (Cleaning and Polishing the teeth)
  • Oral Health Instructions
  • Necessary Radiographs (x-rays) - (referred to your dentist upon request)
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Sealants

Length of Appointments

Treatment in the clinic proceeds at a slower pace than a dental office since the services are performed by the students and carefully evaluated by instructors. Usually preventive patient visits to the clinic take two or more appointments for 1-4 hours each visit based on patient needs. We want to provide you with the best possible care, so please be patient. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

For patients new to the clinic or returning patients who have not been seen in the last three years, an initial screening appointment is necessary prior to being scheduled for preventive services. At this time a medical and dental overview is made in order to determine length/number of appointments necessary to complete treatment based upon your individual needs.

Becoming a Patient

  • The clinic is open mid-August to November and mid-January to end of April (based upon school semester schedule). Clinic hours vary each semester in the fall semester, clinic days are Wednesday and Friday from 8-5; in the spring semester, clinic days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8-5.
  • The clinic is open to interested adults and children in the community. Appointments must be made in advance.
  • Please contact the dental hygiene division assistant at 270-831-9708 to schedule an appointment.

Cancellation of Appointments

The dental hygiene student has numerous clinical requirements to fulfill. They depend on YOU to help them in fulfilling these clinical requirements. If for some reason you cannot keep your appointment, please call the clinic at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to reschedule an appropriate time. This courtesy allows the dental hygiene student to give your appointment to another patient. Because of our busy schedule missed appointments, excessive cancellations or tardiness cannot be tolerated. Patients may be dismissed if missed appointments, excessive cancellations or tardiness becomes habitual behavior. The student's learning process and completion of clinic requirements for graduation and board examinations are jeopardized when a patient does not follow through with appointments. Your cooperation will allow us to better serve you.

Required Forms for your Appointment

Please contact the dental hygiene division assistant at 270-831-9708 and they will mail you the necessary forms for you to complete and bring with you on the day of your appointment. If you are taking any medications, please write on a paper the name of the medication and the dosage of the medication and why you are taking it OR bring the medications with you.

Fees for Services



Prophylaxis (Cleaning) with Fluoride Treatment
Child (age 12 and under)
KCTCS Faculty/Staff/Student
Senior Citizen (age 65 and older)

Radiographs-included in prophylaxis fee-as prescribed by Faculty Dentist

Sealant (per tooth)
Supplemental Periodontal Therapy Medicaments (Arrestin)
Mouth guard/Fluoride Tray
Bleaching Trays



$5.00 each

Payment is expected at initial visit. Cash or personal checks only. No insurance or credit cards accepted.