Visit your advisor!

Why should you visit your advisor....??

  • to beat the rush!
  • to get the classes you want!
  • so you don't have to wait!
  • to be different!
  • to be one step closer to your goals!
  • to get ahead of the game!

Not only that, but your advisor is there to answer questions you may have concerning academic policies, transfer credits, the appropriateness of general education courses, changing majors, and petitions. It's worth your while to make an appointment and stay 'one step ahead.'

Not sure who your advisor is? Well, there's an easy way to find out!

HCC toolbar
First, go to the HCC website (see above) and locate the STUDENT SELF-SERVICE link at the top of the page and log into your Peoplesoft account. You should then navigate to the Student Center of the Self-Service area.


Next, (see below) there is an Advisor area located on the right side of the page. Your designated advisor should be listed along with his contact information. If there is no advisor assigned to you please contact the GOKCTCS Student Service Center at 1-855-464-2244.

Student Center screenshot