Equine Management

About the Program

The Equine Business Management Certificate program provides knowledge and skills needed to take advantage of various employment opportunities within the horse industry.

In the Equine Business Management program you'll study a wide variety of topics including:

  • an overview of the equine industry
  • breeding
  • trends in the equine industry
  • business management principles for equine businesses.


How Long Will I Be in School?

You can earn an associate of applied science degree in two years if you attend school full-time.

Want a more detailed look at the program? These documents can help:

  • Equine Management Certificate -- Current Curriculum (PDF XLS)
  • Equine Management flyer -- (PDF)


Where are the jobs?

The field of equine management covers a broad range of interests so a degree in equine business management provides several career opportunities. Some of these careers are:

  • Boarding stable management
  • Race track management
  • Rider/trainer
  • Equine nutritionist
  • Horse extension specialist
  • Pedigree researcher/analyst

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