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Herron Center

Union County's doorway to Henderson Community College

picture of the Herron Center building

Would you like to begin work on your college degree without having to drive all the way to Henderson? Henderson Community College's Herron Center is located on Hwy. 60, between Morganfield and Sturgis, behind Union County High School and beside Union County Methodist Hospital.

Several college classes are offered at the Herron Center for the public as well as dual credit classes for high school students. Offerings are available for those who are working toward their GEDs, pre-college, or pre-employment. If you would like to know more about what classes are available at the Herron Center, go to the Class Schedule page.

What other types of classes are available?

The Herron Center also offers various customized trainings for business and industries as well as continuing education and community education. Underground and surface mining classes are also offered monthly. Visit Workforce Solutions for more information.

Shannon Clements, the Academic Coordinator at the Herron Center, is available for student support. Contact her if assistance is needed with:

  • Dual Credit Classes and transitioning to college
  • Work Keys Testing
  • Continuing Education

View the current schedule of Adult Education classes at the Herron Center.

View the current schedule of Henderson Community College classes at the Herron Center (includes dual credit and regular HCC courses).

View the Spring 2017 dual credit courses at Union County's Herron Center

View the Spring 2017 courses at Henderson Community College

View the Spring 2017 Herron Center Textbooks list with prices.


woman with short hair in a dress sitting at a desk Shannon Clements
Academic Coordinator
picture of woman sitting in front of a blackboard Melissa Thomas
Adult Education Instructor
Photo of Rebecca Snyder Rebecca Snyder
Student Affairs Assistant
Room 5014
man in a blue shirt and a ball cap James Coy
Maintenance Worker
Herron Center
picture of woman standing up against brick wall Cathy Walls
Administrative Assistant