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Cooperative Education and Volunteer Opportunities

Gain Valuable Experience!

If you need to develop new workplace skills, sharpen old skills, build your resume with hands-on experience, or develop priceless networking contacts, then volunteering pays more than you think! There are several local community agencies seeking volunteers!

Internship searching can be done through College Central Network. Contact Angie Watson, Career Services Coordinator for more information. Also, sites such as can be accessed to search the world’s largest internship directory.

Search jobs posted at our school!

Cooperative Education is offered by Henderson Community College to prepare an HCC student in Computer Information Technology and Business Administration for entry and advancement in the occupational area of your choice. Through co-op you can earn college credit and gain valuable work experience at the same time. Co-op is a partnership involving you, the college, and an employer. 

How will Cooperative Education help me?

The benefits to you for participating in the co-op program are:

  • Gain valuable work experience. 
  • Earn both income and academic credit.
  • Confirm choices of major and clarify career goals.
  • Develop self-confidence and enhance your employability upon graduation.

Which academic programs offer credit for co-op?

Academic Programs which offer co-op work experience are: 

Business Technology

  • Accounting Option
  • Human Resources Option
  • Informatics Option
  • Management Option 
  • Office Systems Option

Computer & Information Technology

  • Applications Option
  • Information Security Option 
  • Internet Technologies Option
  • Network Administration Option
  • Networking Technologies Option
  • Programming Option
  • Video Game Design

What must I do to be eligible for the program? 

To be eligible for the Co-op Program you must:

  • Be enrolled in an Associate in Applied Science Degree program or certificate with co-op as part of the approved curriculum. (See your academic advisor or contact the Career Services office for current information.)
  • Have completed at least 12 hours in an applied science degree program.
  • Have the approval of the academic program coordinator and your advisor.
  • Have a composite GPA of 2.0 or better.

How do I apply?

In order to apply for the Co-op Program you will need to meet with your advisor to determine if and when a co-op work experience would be best for you. Following that meeting you will need to schedule an appointment with the Career Services Coordinator and complete the necessary application form. The Career Services office is located in the Start Center, Sullivan Technology Center, Room 213.

Job Interview & Acceptance

You will work with the Career Services office and your advisor to identify appropriate employment opportunities. Potential employers will then conduct interviews.  If hired, you may accept an approved position and complete the necessary forms in the Career Services office.

Registration for Academic Credit

Registration for co-op can be done during regular registration periods, or it can be added to your schedule during the semester. Your advisor and Career Services Coordinator can assist you.

Earning Academic Credit

For each 80 hours of approved work experience, you can earn one hour of academic credit. The maximum amount of credit granted varies by curriculum. Determination of how many hours of work to attempt should be decided in consultation with your advisor. If you must work on a non-paid basis due to the constraints of financial aid grants or public assistance programs, you should inform your advisor and alert the Career Services Coordinator. After completing the necessary hours on the job, the work supervisor will evaluate your performance.


To earn a letter grade, you must successfully complete the required number of hours in an approved co-op job and receive an evaluation from your work supervisor.

For more information contact Angie Watson, Career Services Coordinator, in the Start Center at 270-831-9671.