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Dual Credit: Go2College in High School

Just think: you could receive credit for both college AND high school requirements with dual credit courses! In a dual credit class you are a college student and must meet college admissions requirements in English, math and reading. Courses are offered at Henderson Community College, the HCC Herron Center in Union County, and Henderson County High School.

Here’s How It Works

A student must have an ACT score that meets the placement requirements for his or her desired classes. man with glasses in hooded sweatshirtIf these scores are not met, then the student should schedule a free COMPASS placement exam. The student must also meet all course prerequisites. The ACT scores to take college credit classes at HCC are:

  • English = 18
  • Reading = 20
  • Math = 22

High School students enrolled at HCC receive grades for their courses on an HCC transcript whether the course is taught at the high school or the college. All HCC instructors - whether high school faculty or college faculty are certified by HCC's office of Academic Affairs as having the appropriate training, education, and degree to teach their courses. in either case, the teacher has been certified by the college as having the necessary credentials and the appropriate expertise to teach the course. Students will receive a syllabus for each course and have the opportunity to evaluate the instructor. 

Dual Credit Course Tuition/Textbooks and Supplies

Dual credit courses are not free to the student. Tuition per credit hour is set by the KCTCS Board of Regents and is currently $147/credit hour. As per a statewide Memorandum of Understanding between all Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) Colleges and the Kentucky Department of Education, some tuition for the classes may be waived:

• For courses taken at the Herron Tech Center or HCC campus, 50% of the tuition is waived by HCC, so the student pays one-half the cost of tuition for each credit hour taken, up to 3 credit hours per academic year. Full tuition is assessed for any course loads exceeding 3 hours.

• For courses taught at either high school by a high school teacher, 100% of the tuition cost is waived by the college, up to 3 credit hours per school year. Full tuition is assessed for any course loads exceeding 3 hours.

• Students may take a combination of courses up to 12 credit hours per academic year. Full tuition is assessed for any course loads exceeding 3 credit hours. A student taking more than 12 credit hours per academic year requires the prior approval of the Chief Academic Officer.

 • Students who take only classes taught at the high school by a high school teacher, with 100% of the tuition waived, will be assessed an administrative fee. The administrative fee is $50 per semester. The College Foundation awards a scholarship to cover 100% of the administrative fee for students who are eligible for free and reduced lunch.

Students must make arrangements to purchase textbooks needed for classes taught through the college. The student may purchase books as either new or used textbooks, or electronic texts, or rented textbooks. The texts for each class may be reviewed and purchased at the college bookstore, 270-831-9781 or online from http://hendersonstore.bncollege.com.

Transfer of Dual Credit Courses to a University

Dual credit courses transfer to any Kentucky university and many other universities across the country. Course-to-course transfer equivalency information for Kentucky universities may be accessed at http://KnowHow2Transfer.org.

Important dates for dual credit classes

Want to Learn More?

Henderson County High School Students Contact: 
Amber Thomas
Henderson County High

Union County High School Students Contact: 
Shannon Clements
Herron Center

Henderson Community College Chief Academic Officer (Interim) Contact:
Paul Kasenow
Henderson Community College

You are also welcome to check out the college course schedule and other information at Henderson Community College's Academics page