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Assessment and Placement FAQ

What is COMPASS?

• A computerized, untimed, multiple choice assessment in English, math, and reading used to determine the courses in which you are required to enroll. COMPASS should be taken seriously as it will determine the course and sequence of classes that must be taken.
• Mandatory Placement: To benefit students, KCTCS initiated a mandatory placement policy which requires students to enroll in courses indicated by your COMPASS scores

Can I retest?

You may be able to retest under the new retest policy.

Do I need to take COMPASS?

• Yes, if you haven’t taken the ACT or if your ACT scores are below 18 in English, 20 in Reading, and 22* in Math

• No, if credit has been earned in college-level courses in Math, English and Reading

*19-21 may be sufficient for certain Math classes.

** Please note: Your scores are evaluated individually. You may not have to test in all three subject areas. Example: If your ACT test scores are a 17 in English, a 19 in Reading, and a 23 in Math, you would only need to take the COMPASS test in English and Reading.

I need to take COMPASS. What do I do?

You must complete the application process and have obtained a student identification number prior to taking the COMPASS.

• You must complete the COMPASS prior to registration
• Call 270-831-9610 to speak with the Testing Coordinator to schedule COMPASS..

Should I review before taking COMPASS?

• Yes. COMPASS will assess your current skill level, but it is important to be familiar with the type of questions that will be asked. These online sites may be helpful.

What are the score ranges for the COMPASS test?

Course Placement with ACT and COMPASS


English (Writing) ACT 18 = enroll in ENG 101
Adult Basic Education  0—25
ENC 090-092 0—25
ENC 090 26—38 
ENC 091 39—73
ENG 101 74—100
 Reading ACT 20 = exempt from reading courses 
 Adult Basic Education 0—48
 RDG 020 49—69
 RDG 030* 70—82
 RDG 185**: or
RDG 041***
Exempt from reading  85—100
Mathematics  ACT 19—21 = eligible for
MAT 110, 085, 122, 116, 105 or
150 with 100

ACT 22 = eligible for 150 
Pre-Algebra (Preal) Domain  If there are both pre-algebra and algebra scores, we place you based on your algebra score. 
Math Bridge Program  0—32 
065  33—100 
Algebra (Alg) Domain   
MAT 065  16—30 
MAT 110, 116 or 105  25—30 
MAT 085, 122  31—35 
MAT 150 with 100 workshop  36—49 
MAT 150 or 155  50—99

• Student must enroll in writing, reading, and math transitional courses during first two terms of enrollment.
• Use ACT and COMPASS scores for placement that are current at time of course enrollment in each area of writing, reading, and math.
• If student enrolled and passed course, he/she may continue in sequence even if enrollment is not continuous, or he/she may retest.
• If student enrolled and failed course, he/she should enroll in the same course or retest.
*030 = course limitations apply; must take concurrently if also taking a 100-level course; terminal reading course
**185 = must take concurrently if also taking a 100-level course; beginning with the Fall 2012 semester, CMS 185 has
been changed to RDG 185.
***RDG 041 = must be taken concurrently if also taking a 100-level course; student receives no credit for this course, but may prefer to take a 1-hour course for no credit rather than the 3-hour RDG 185.

What should I bring to the COMPASS session?

• Required Identification
You must present an acceptable photo ID before you will be permitted to test. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver's license, school I.D, military I.D., health department I.D., or current passport.

• Calculator—if you wish. There is a calculator provided. You may NOT use calculators such as CFX 9970G, TI-89 or TI-92.