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President's Cabinet

Working together to help our students reach their highest potential

HCC's President's Cabinet are experienced teachers, counselors, and educators who care deeply about the personal and professional success of Henderson Community College students.

Please feel free to contact any of the cabinet members:

Photo of man with black hair, blue polo shirt, and navy blue pants
Photo of man wearing black suit and sitting at his desk.
Mr. Paul Kasenow
Chief Academic Officer (Interim)
AD 115
Mr. Keith Sayles
Chief Student Officer
STC 210
Jerry Gentry Kim Conley
Mr. Jerry Gentry
Chief Business Officer
AD 110
Ms. Kim Conley
Chief Information Officer
AD 7
Woman with brown hair and glasses sitting at desk and smiling                          Pam Wilson
Ms. Doris Lake
Director of Human Resources
AD 204
Ms. Pam Wilson
Dean of Success Grants
STC 229
Photo of Brian McMurtry  Bill Dixon               
Mr. Brian McMurtry
Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
AS 204
Mr. Bill Dixon
Director of Cultural Diversity
SC 103

Photo of Malinda Hudson
Ms. Malinda Hudson
Executive Assistant to the President
AD 107