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Gavin Gaddis

Meet Henderson Community College's Gavin Gaddis and hear from him about his experience at HCC.

Until 2012 I spent my life living just outside Corydon, KY pretty much on my own. I was homeschooled up until June 2011 when I started attending the Adult Learning Center to prepare for GED testing. After a month and change of studying and taking pre-tests I obviously managed to pass and started at HCC in the Fall of 2011.

I immediately attempted to get a job with the Literary Magazine. I'm a writer at heart and a secondary motivation was that I felt there was some form of completing the cycle there, given that I managed to get an honorable mention in poetry at the ripe old age of eight. That first semester through a series of something you could either call circumstance or blind luck, I managed to not irritate the sponsor for the school paper, Scott Taylor, too much while reviving The Hill newspaper and have managed to keep it going steadily since then.

In addition to The Hill.  I eventually got a position on the Literary Magazine. I've been an active member of the History Club. (I would say I'm an officer but the History Club is currently comprised of my entire circle of friends, so it's a democratic process whenever decisions are made these days. I don't hold the title of officer in such high regard as the fact that I managed to be in History Club at all). Last semester I somehow managed to land enough votes to be the Student Government Association president in the upcoming school year. In my spare time I run a writing website and podcast with some fellow HCC students.

My goals are to finish my Associate in Arts here at HCC before moving on to a 4-year college to get a BA in English which I will then take into getting a Masters in English that will allow me to be a college-level English teacher. Teachers have done nothing but help in my life and the few times I've had to give anything akin to a lecture I feel like this is what I want to do for a living. I can't think of a better thing for a writer to do than help teach others that they have that novel/poem/essay in them that the world wants to read.