Meet Our Students

Cheryl Higgins

Cheryl Higgins’ path to a degree has been rather circuitous. About four years after graduating from Gibson Southern High School in Fort Branch, IN, she began working on an accounting degree from Ivy Tech in Evansville. One term away from graduation, her education was put on hold due to family obligations. She then worked for a few years doing payroll, followed by many years as an administrative assistant.

About fifteen years ago, Cheryl left the workforce to finish raising her children. When the last two were nearing high school graduation she decided to try her hand at college classes once again and enrolled at HCC.  Cheryl has been taking classes part time since 2006 with the intention of obtaining an associate degree. She will graduate in May 2014 with an Associate of Arts and an Associate of Applied Science, with an emphasis in internet technologies.

Following her graduation, she plans to get a job in the web development field. She’d like to say that she will remain there until retirement but life circumstances can change rapidly and you never know where those changes will take you.