Meet Our Employees

Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor is an Instructor for the Math Department and also teaches in the ALC. Taylor is also advisor for the college's newspaper,The Hill.

Before he came to HCC, Taylor worked in retail management for over eight years, where his responsibilities included hiring and training personnel, budgeting, merchandising, and teaching supervisory and leadership skills. An alumnus of HCC, having started here with two associates degrees, he completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at MSU. In February 2011 he was hired as a full-time instructional specialist at HCC and in January 2012 he moved to the Math department as an instructor.

Taylor has found his experience here to be very positive, and has seen a lot of growth. He has helped many students in the Adult Learning Center pass the developmental math courses, an achievement of which he is proud. Taylor enjoys the people he works with and how they help each other. This became even clearer when his office, among others, had to be cleared out due to storm damage, and everybody helped.

Taylor’s future goals include seeing more higher-level math classes offered and helping The Hill grow.