Meet Our Employees

Jonas Hunziker

Jonas Hunziker is one of those HCC employees who came to HCC as a student and then stayed to become a more permanent part of his alma mater.

Jonas doesn't come from the tri-county area. He's come a long way to attend and later work at HCC, around 4,600 miles. Jonas met his future wife, Kelli, in an online chat room and decided to move to the United States. After moving to Morganfield, Jonas worked at Rayloc until 2008 when the company laid off hundreds of workers.

Jonas learned that he was eligible for an educational opportunity at Henderson Community College with financial assistance from the Green River Area Development District (GRADD) program. It quickly became apparent to the HCC staff that Jonas was already very knowledgeable about computers and software,” said Robert Jenkins, GRADD training coordinator. Within two years, he obtained an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences with a specialization in computer programming and was asked to work in the Technology Solutions department.

According to Robert Jenkins,  “Jonas is certainly one of the remarkable success stories about a dislocated worker who has made the most of an unfortunate situation.”