Meet Our Alumni

Keith Williams

Photo of young black man with moustache and white t-shirtKeith Williams, whose 34-year career in photography for the Louisville Courier-Journal earned him two Pulitzer Prizes, attended Henderson Community College from 1968 until 1971. Even though tuition at the time was only $150 per semester, he would have not been able to attend without the help of businessmen Bethel Brown of Brown’s Radio Service and Walt Dear and Ron Jenkins of The Gleaner.

He credits HCC with turning him into a reader. While he was growing up, he had many great teachers at Seventh Street Baptist Church, Seventh St. School, Barret Junior High, and Henderson City High, but Mr. Myers of HCC was the one who piqued his interest in reading.

Williams said, “Mr. Myers taught sociology. Most of the class was over my head until he had us to purchase a copy of a book entitled Manchild in the Promised Land, by Claude Brown. It was the first book that I read from beginning to end. That turned on the light for me to become a reader. I could relate to the story, even though I lived in the opposite kind of environment. From that point on, I went in search of other books to expand my view of the world.”

Williams believes that in his formative years, his teachers made an investment of time in him. Because of this, in his post-retirement years he’s trying to return the dedication by substitute teaching and helping students in Greater Clark County Schools in southern Indiana.