Meet Our Alumni

Erin Morphett

Erin Morphett, South Heights Reading TeacherErin Morphett knew she wanted to be an elementary teacher, but she didn't want to go away to college.  This made the joint program offered by Henderson Community College and Murray State University perfect for her.  Erin, an elementary writing teacher at South Heights Elementary, was pleased with the flexibility the program gave her.  "I was able to be a full time student (taking a little over 15 hours each semester), and still hold down a part time job."  Online classes and summer classes also helped Erin get her degree faster.

"I liked the fact that the classes were small and the instructors were always available during their office hours if I needed help," says Erin. 

By earning her degree through the two plus two program, Erin was also pleased that she could perform required observation hours in the same school system she wanted to work in.  "I was able to get to know the principals and teachers in the community.  In fact, my current principal, Rob Carroll, was one of my instructors in the program."

Flexibility, small classes and a quality education; just some of the reasons that Erin Morphett chose Henderson Community College!