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HCC Lean Committee

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In line with Sustainability and Lean Enterprise concerns, HCC has embarked on the “30 in ’13” campaign, which seeks to attain 3 goals in 2013:

Through a conscious and coordinated effort,

• In 2013 HCC will reduce its overall yearly paper consumption by 30%.
• In 2013 HCC will reduce color pages printed by 30%.
• In 2013 HCC will reduce overall cost of printing and copying by $30,000.

Reaching these goals are achieved by not only printing less, but also by printing smarter. Before clicking the print button, you should ask yourself, “Is this the most economical way that I can print this document?” Not all print jobs cost the same. For example, color printing costs 10 times the cost of black and white printing. Also, printing in duplex cuts paper costs in half. The HCC Lean Enterprise Committee has put together a Printing Best Practices document, which outlines some tips that will help to reduce printing costs.

  • Minimize color printing, which has a prohibitive cost (10x cost of black & white).
  • When printing PowerPoint handouts, use the option to print 3 or more slides per sheet.
  • Use BlackBoard extensively for homework and class materials to keep them in the digital domain.
  • Prefer economic fonts in documents to save in toner costs. The most economic fonts are: Century Gothic, Times Roman, or Calibri. The campus default in Office 2010 is Calibri.
  • Overprinting multi-copy jobs is waste of an exponential nature. Only print the amount of copies needed.
  • Utilize two-sided printing as much as possible.

Together, we can make our goals for 30 in ’13 attainable!