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Continuing Education

Stay at the top in your field.

If you need continuing education courses to maintain licensure or a review course to prepare for a licensure exam we offer a variety of professional continuing education courses that have been approved by licensing boards. We offer classes for insurance agents, electricians, allied health professionals, and many others.

Additionally, we provide review courses to prepare you to take a licensing exam as well as offering the licensing exams on a regularly scheduled basis.

Our classes include

  • Electrical Contractors
  • Water Treatment and Distribution
  • Master Electrician
  • CPR
  • Insurance
  • OSHA

If you can’t find the continuing education course or licensing exam you need, let us know!  We’re always adding new topics to provide you local access for all of your workforce needs.

REFUND POLICY for Community Education and Workforce Development Courses:  Students who officially withdraw from non-credit courses three days prior to the first class session will receive a full refund.  A refund less 25% administrative charge will be granted with official withdrawal one to two days prior to the first class session.  No refund will be granted on or after the first class session unless approved by the program coordinator.

Official withdrawal from a non-credit course requires the student to notify the college's Community Education and Workforce Development Office regarding intention to withdraw.  The date on which notification of withdrawal is received in the Community Education and Workforce Development office will be used to determine eligibility for a refund.  Failure to attend class does not constitute official withdrawal.

Occasionally a college will offer customized, industry-specific and/or special programs for which no refund will be given.  Program offerings for which a different refund policy applies will indicate the specific refund policy in the announcements, pamphlets, and/or brochures that advertise the programs.  In the event that a course requires a textbook or materials, the student will be responsible for the entire cost of those materials unless the student contacts the Community Education and Workforce Development Office with intention to withdraw at least one week prior to the first class session.