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Academic Calendar

What and When

Our academic calendar will tell you everything you need to know about starting and ending dates.

Tentative Dates-Subject to Change

Spring 2016 Calendar

Fall 2015 Calendar

Basic Academic Calendar 2016-2017

Important Dates to Remember

The typical Fall and Spring semester lasts 16 weeks. Fall begins in August and ends in December. Spring begins in January and ends in May. The typical summer session lasts 8 weeks beginning in late May/early June and ending in late July. However, there are some bi-term classes scheduled each semester that are shorter in length than the typical semester or session. Check the detailed academic calendars for a complete listing of beginning and ending dates.

    Fall 2015
  Spring 2016
Tuition Due    August 14
or online
midnight August 16
  January 8 or
online 11 p.m. January 10
Last day to drop a course without a grade. 
August 17
  January 15
Last day to withdraw and receive a full refund.  
August 21
  January 15
Last day to withdraw and receive a 50% refund.  
September 15
  February 9
Last day to file an application for a degree in the Admissions & Records Office.
October 14
  March 18
Last day for students, at their discretion, to officially withdraw from a class and receive a grade of "W".
October 12
  March 8
Last day for students, at the discretion of the instructor, to officially withdraw from a class and receive a grade of "W".  
December 4
  April 27
Final Exams 
December 7-11
  May 2-7
Commencement ceremony
  December 11
  May 7