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Student Affairs

Serving our students

The staff members within the Student Affairs Department provide assistance to students outside of the classroom. Whether you are preparing to take your first class or have taken many classes, our goal is to help you make a smooth transition to college life.

If you have questions or need to access information about Admissions, Career Services, Counseling Services, Disability Services, Financial Aid, Transfer, or Veterans Affairs, please contact the appropriate staff member noted below.

  Photo of man wearing a black suit sitting at his desk.  Keith Sayles
 Chief Student Officer
 Sullivan Technology Center
 Room 210

Admissions and Records



Photo of Rebecca Snyder Rebecca Snyder
Student Affairs Assistant
Herron Center,
Room 5014
Photo of Tammie Zuber  Tammie Zuber
 Student Affairs Assistant
 Sullivan Technology Center
 Room 237

Financial Aid

man with white shirt and glasses  Andy Zellers
 Financial Aid Director
 Sullivan Technology Center
 Room 219
Photo of Melody Burbage  Melody Burbage
 Financial Aid Assistant 
 Sullivan Technology Center
 Room 235

Career Services

Photo of Angie Watson  Angie Watson 
 Sullivan Technology Center
 Room 213

 Disability Support Services


Photo of Larry Tutt  Larry Tutt
 Sullivan Technology Center
 Room 225

Veterans Affairs

Photo of Cassandra Wilson  Cassandra Wilson
 Sullivan Technology Center 
 Room 227